Parents are Partners at our neighborhood Montessori, Harmony Day School


Harmony Day School founder Michelle Campbell moved to Lexington’s 40509 neighborhood from Winchester in 2000. Creating a Montessori program, she says, “had been a long time dream of mine,” and she set about acquiring the necessary tools and experience to realize that dream. “It’s always been important to me to have a quaint neighborhood school. At the same time, I recognized it was important that I have vast experience teaching and observing in a variety of Montessori school settings before launching into designing my own school. Every program has its own unique qualities and I knew I wanted my school to be truly special. After four years of teaching in traditional programs and 12 more years of teaching in four different Montessori programs, I felt ready to create Harmony Day School.”

The Power to Act from Real Choice

My husband likes to stop and indulge in an Italian dessert at our local gelato shop. On any given day there may be thirty different varieties of gelato on display. New and untried flavors, such as mango/lime, are frequent.

My husband usually asks to taste five or six flavors before deciding on two scoops. “How can I make a choice unless I know what I’m choosing?” he says when I wonder out loud why he feels a need to “try” so many flavors. But it is true.

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