Excited for a new school year at Harmony Day Montessori School in Lexington Kentucky!

Before long we will hear the laughter and joyful squeals of children hard at work in their classrooms at Harmony Day Montessori School. Every year is another adventure. What will this years’ group of children be passionate about learning? Where will they lead us? As a Montessori Guide, one just never knows.

“Follow the Child” is more than just a catch phrase in the Montessori world. It’s impossible to spend the summer carefully planning each day’s instruction. Impossible. In order to plan, we have to meet our students so we can tailor our lessons to each individual child, based on their unique interests. Our group lessons are designed to appeal to the personality of the classroom community – and no two years are EVER the same. What a rewarding and exciting way to work with children!

Each year is unique. And special. And priceless. And this year will be no different.

What will we learn this year? Well, that is up to our students…