A monarch butterfly feeding from a flower

The Metamorphosis Of Childhood

By Maren Schmidt, Author of Understanding Montessori

Most ten-year-olds can tell you the stages of development for a butterfly or a frog. A butterfly begins as an egg, becoming a larva, a caterpillar, then a chrysalis emerging into a butterfly. A frog starts as an egg, hatching into a tadpole, turning into a polliwog, at last transforming into an adult frog. At each stage of change the frog and butterfly have differing needs for nourishment and environment.

Child dressed in a costume with wings while playing with a toy

The Danger of Fantasy

By Maren Schmidt, Author of Understanding Montessori

Dear Father, hear and bless thy beasts and singing birds; And guard with tenderness small things that have no words.

Perhaps you remember this childhood prayer. For me it is a call to duty.

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