Miss Kelly (Thompson)

Co-Assistant Toddler Guide

Born and raised here in Lexington, Kelly feels blessed to call this place home. Studying communications and psychology at The University of Kentucky, upon graduation Kelly fulfilled a dream to live in New York City. This unique experience, working in the media world for several years, prepared her for her next step. Traveling. Witnessing different ways of being, refreshing perceptions, and connections with beautiful souls in various parts of the world, Kelly always kept her heart open for new adventures.

Kelly assisted in the toddler room and substituted for Harmony Day School off and on for the last two years. Kelly finds the toddler room an ideal environment to observe every day miracles. Rich experiences, balanced by beauty and order. Celebrating the uniqueness of each child. Developing at their own pace. Materials carefully chosen to support these different stages. Providing an open, calm and supportive space for these little ones to explore and discover the peace, power and love that simply lives right here within.

Kelly is humbled by the endless possibilities that live within our youngest students. Always respecting their inner wisdom. The toddlers are a gift; having the ability to bring her right into the present moment. Which for me, is always the best place to be. I am grateful.